The Canvas Portfolio

The # B01 canvas portfolio is a multi-utility bag, perfect to be used as a free giveaway at your next trade show. You can also use them to give out as holiday gifts to your employees and other stakeholders. With your company logo printed on bags like the # B01, which are bound to be reused a number of times, it becomes a walking billboard for you. It comes with a zippered closure and stylish cotton web carry handles. You can ask for a digital mock-up of the bag with your logo on it and even a detailed quote with shipping and printing information once you write to us with your requirements. We deliver directly from India and would be happy to send over a free sample.

Size (in inches):15″ x 13″ + 4″
Fabric: 10 oz./yard_ natural cotton canvas (340 grams/meter_)
Handle: Natural cotton web; 1″ wide, 20″ long
Minimum Order Quantity: 100

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